Client: Balfours Bakery
Year: 2017
Agency: Showpony Advertising
Creative: Andy Scott & Parris Mesidis
Video: Tom Molnar & Paul Butcher
H&MUP: Tracy Phillpot
Production: 2oc Productions

‘Stars of Summer’

This was such a unique concept and campaign to produce. With fantastic writing by creative director Andy Scott, the shoot was destined to be loads of fun. In collaboration with 2oc productions, a cast of talented actors, the Ponies at Showpony Advertising and an inspiring client in Balfours; our production team filmed this 7part soap opera where ‘The Pastries you love, love you back!’ The campaign was a ‘sweet’ success, garnered much attention in the desired demographic and won Showpony Advertising many nods in the 2017 AADC Awards. As Andy often remarked on set, “Balfours, a ‘Baking you happy’ production”. Work never tasted this good before! Yes, it was the Frog Cakes …