Photographer: Alice Healy

Say hello!

If you’d like to see if there’s an opportunity to work together, please say hello!

Here are some things you might ask

  • Our company needs to produce our yearly corporate report, can you help?
  • I need a photographer for staff portraits & images of our refurbished offices for our website, can you assist?
  • We need to produce an integrated print, radio & digital campaign; help!
  • Our high end fashion label requires some beauty shots & a look-book for next season’s collection, what is Alice Healy’s current availability?
  • We need an online video for a new product, the concept includes visual & VO talent as well as a city location; can you provide costs for the overall production?
  • Our producer is on annual leave for the next month & we have a TVC to produce ASAP, do you have the capacity to assist?