Client: SA Health
Year: 2017
Agency: Showpony Advertising
Creative: Andy Scott & Jon Pagano
Video: James Haskard
H&MUP: Sophie Williams
Styling: MickyGrant
Production: Showpony Advertising (In-house)

‘Spring is no Picnic’ online video

‘Spring is no Picnic’ is the title of the stills and video production for SA Health’s Asthma Awareness campaign. An in-house Showpony Advertising production, the touchingly poignant concept was guided with great sensitivity by the joint creative team of Andy Scott and Jon Pagano, with photography and videography by James Haskard. I helped bring the story to life by organising casting, talent, wardrobe, props and location for the team. Together we delivered the stills and video in a reasonably tight timeline, with each Australian state revealing their Asthma Awareness messages via digital media on the same day, at the same time.